Barnacle Park

The Barnacle, built in 1891, just off of the Main Highway in Coconut Grove, was the home of Ralph Middleton Munroe. He was one of the Grove’s most significant and charming pioneers. The stunning house with its whimsical name goes back to a much quieter time. It is now called The Barnacle Historic State Park, and offers a unique view of Biscayne Bay and Old Florida. Looking over the scenery, one can just imagine what the Munroe’s family life may have been like as they made a home in the wilds of South Florida.

In the 1920’s, the tropical hardwood hammock was representative of the original setting in the city of Miami. You will pass through a tropical hardwood hammock when you walk into the park, and also learn that it is one of the last remnants of the once immense Miami Hammock.

Come and enjoy a picnic and a guided tour at this beautiful park.