Enchanted Forest

Deep forest, ancient oceans and the endangered gopher tortoise are all part of this unique and memorable day. Your group starts with an easy walk from a desert sand ridge into dense, shady woods that will rekindle everyone’s sense of adventure and love of the natural world.

Three distinct, unique Florida ecosystems, xeric scrub, mesic hammock and hydric hammock, offer your guests unique beauty, contrasts and rare species. They will observe golden orb weaver spiders making silky, complex webs; follow butterflies as they make their way from one flower to the next; listen to red shoulder hawks calling to each other; and learn about plants which offer natural remedies used by pioneers and Native Americans.

After this easy hike in the forest, the group heads west to the St. John’s River for a tour by airboat. They will see alligators basking in the sun and a variety of birds as they feed and nest on the shores of this American Heritage river. This tour will bring out the nature lover in every one of your guests!