Horseback Riding Tour

This is a unique and beautiful little corner of Old Florida! We begin the horseback ride in the rural town of Davie. We will be experiencing a rare example of unhurried South Florida as we take advantage of some of Davie’s 60 miles of equestrian trails.

The horseback riding tour will begin with a 10-minute orientation on what to expect and how the horses are to be treated. Both first-time and experienced riders are encouraged to join us. After that, we are off on the trail. Relax as we trot, canter and walk the horses over bridges, through shaded paths and past Longhorn steers and burros.

Our next stop will be Flamingo Gardens a 60-acre park that features tropical and sub-tropical plants from around the world, including 19 “champion trees.” To fully appreciate the park and its surrounding we will join a 30-minute narrated tram tour.