Morikami Museum

Founded in 1977, the original Morikami building is modeled after a Japanese imperial villa and includes a permanent exhibition detailing the fascinating history of the Yamato Colony, settled by Japanese farmers in Boca Raton in the early 1900's. In 1993, the Morikami was greatly expanded and now offers an exciting array of museums and gardens. The gardens are ranked 8th among more than 300 Japanese Gardens outside of Japan. There is also an authentic tearoom with regularly scheduled demonstrations of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Through out the year the museum celebrates different Japanese traditional festivals, where everyone can come and join.

Situated on 150+ acres, the Morikami Museum of Japanese Culture lies on the land where George Morikami once grew pineapples and vegetables. A picturesque nature trail meanders through a forest of towering slash pines, where picnic pavilions reside among ferns and giant palmettos.

Pattern, texture, color and form affirm the diversity of nature as illustrated in the austere Japanese gardens, the artful bonsai collection and the untamed nature trails. Replete with shimmering koi-filled lakes and the soothing music of cascading waterfalls, Morikami Park awakens the senses to an all-pervasive tranquility and rare solitude.