Space Camp

Headed by retired astronaut Sean Johnson, this experience is a fun-filled, interactive teambuilding experience. Your group will be divided into teams of launch crews made up of astronauts, ground crew and engineers, each with a key role that contributes to the safety and success of the ‘space odyssey.’ This experience determines which team has the “right stuff” to take our space program into the next millennium!

Captain Johnson illuminates why each of the challenges are important and how they translate into working in a team situation. Challenges include “Build a Better Rocket,” “Asteroid Attack,” “UFO Collection,” “Encoding Challenge” and “Quick Change Relay,” to name a few.

Each one of the challenges tests a different strength or trait, such as building skills, physical prowess, strategy, planning skills or intelligence. The teams will have to decide which members of their crew would best serve their team at that challenge.

The testing staff will be on hand to keep track of how many points each team earns. The team that accumulates the most points not only receives awards, they receive the honor of becoming the space ambassadors for your next mission to the stars!