Everglades Fishing

Everglades Fishing is for trying your luck at catching that record-breaking freshwater fish. The Everglades is indeed an angler’s paradise and the perfect place to catch the Big One.

We truly enjoy taking anglers of all skill levels out for an action packed fishing adventure. Anglers travel from all around the globe to vacation and go fishing in the unspoiled waters of the South Florida Everglades including wildlife refuge fishing. We will take you fishing in these unforgettable destinations where we'll fish and sightsee for some of the most amazing species you will ever see in one location. Our Florida fishing guides have the most experience and extensive knowledge in fishing the Everglades. Native to the area, our knowledge and service is second to none, just like our boats, rods & reels and tackle that you will be using.

Everglades fishing is mostly done with fast moving baits, top water plugs, frogs, snakes, big worms, spoons and buzz baits, although plastic worms fishing also works well. You see most of the strikes before they happen and the battle can be quite exhilarating. Like no where else in the world, the Florida Everglades is the largest remaining sub-tropical wilderness in the continental United States and holds the state record for the highest number of fish caught per person, per hour of any fishery in the state. So if you’re looking for action, you’ve found it.