Bergamo’s Garden

Spicy, rich and full-bodied. Playful, light and mindful of a summer breeze. These might be words that describe the perfect marriage of wine and food served at Bergamo's Italian Restaurant in Orlando.

But delicious food and drink are only the beginning, because during this night, your guests will be regaled with live professional opera, Broadway hits and soulful American ballads, a palette of flavors and colors for their ears and eyes, as well as their culinary taste. Every hour on the hour, piano music fills the air and the wait staff (all classically-trained vocalists) bursts into song, never missing a beat! Regular songs include rousing renditions of "Be Our Guest" and "Climb Ev'ry Mountain." They're even happy to take requests!

Bergamo’s Garden Room holds up to 65 guests as a semi-private venue, while the Main Dining Room holds over 120 guests. It’s a night every group will remember!