Bike Building Challenge

Would you like to make a difference and leave a lasting impression in the community in which you’re meeting? Do you want your group to develop a bond that transcends their day-to-day work lives? Then this is the event for your group! Through the Teambuilding – Bike Building Challenge, you will help make dreams come true for a very worthy non-profit organization.

Many underprivileged youngsters would give anything for a shiny new bike! In this event, your group is tasked with assembling bikes of all sizes and making them rider-ready. The goal: participate in all the steps, accumulate the parts and tools, gather instructions and build your bike, all under time restrictions to be ready for the final challenge!

The teams are divided and given a box containing pieces of a bicycle and an ‘oddly incomplete’ instruction manual. In order to get the “money” they need to purchase information and supplies, they must participate in teambuilding challenges, designed with your input and goals in mind, such as teamwork, leadership, creativity, communications, etc.

As teams go through these activities, they are rewarded with play money that they use to purchase what they need to complete the bicycle.

Teams then compete in a ‘bike rodeo,’ a unique obstacle course that tests their teamwork skills and reveals how well their bikes are built! Winners go home with a prize, but the BEST prize is the look on their faces when the bikes are given to the representative from a local non-profit agency! This is your chance to make dreams come true while celebrating team spirit and having fun!