Miami’s Design Center of the America’s

Miami’s Design Center of the America’s, known as DCOTA, has earned the distinction of being the most successful design center in the United States, and the most comprehensive resource for exclusive interior furnishings to suit any taste.

Your guests will experience 770,000+ square feet of beautiful furnishings with a private tour, beginning with an introduction to “America’s most prestigious design campus.” They will then have a conversation with a professional designer, during which they may ask questions, talk about specific design issues or simply listen and learn. The designer will separate your guests into smaller groups with similar interests, and everyone will have 2½ hours to shop. Guests may bring photos, floor plans, swatches or ideas and get professional feedback on how to make personal design dreams come true.

At the end of the afternoon your guests will leave with a new appreciation for design and, perhaps, a whole new look for their favorite room.